The Occult are an esoteric religious sect of the demons' religion of Edithism, following the teachings of Edith to try and live with the spirit and nature in harmony. Their philosophy focuses on maintaining and protecting the ethereal spirits that wander the planet and maintain the balance of nature. Due to their rather primitive methods of worship and outside appearance, humans tend to distrust them and often go out of their way to avoid members of the following.

Appearances Edit

Members of The Occult are marked out with a range of colorful tattoos (usually done in one color) that adorn their shoulders and arms upon initiation and are typically added onto as time passes. Each individual's tattoos are unique and often reflect their personal values, and the colors are chosen to show the aspect of Delta they identify with.

Beliefs Edit

As a general overview, Edithism is an ancient religion practiced almost exclusively by demons in which it is believed that the universe was created by Delta, an ambivalent spirit who created Time and Space (which eventually came to be called Alpha and Tau by their worshipers), and eventually, life. After Alpha was denied equal powers to Delta, xe created the End, a beast with the power to sap the life of living things, effectively creating the force of death. Edithians believe that Edith, a nature sprite, became the vessel of Delta to cast the End into a prison deep within the Earth, prolonging the process of death and preventing it from destroying the world. Afterwards, Delta decided to remain on Earth to watch over the End and broke herself into eight aspects - one for each color of the rainbow, then black and white. Each aspect joined with the minds of willing followers, and Edith became the first White Aspect, continuing to spread her philosophy as the very hand of Delta. Every so often, when they are needed, some or sometimes all of the aspects will be reincarnated and brought together one way or another by fate.

The Occult remain very close to the traditional methods of worship, often praying daily and maintaining places where spirits of nature preside. On festival days, they will often participate in bloodletting rituals to give their energy to the local spirits. Animal sacrifice isn't quite as common as outsiders would believe, and human sacrifice is firmly outlawed as an atrocious act.

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