The Rogue Nation is the formal name of the organized militia that formed to combat Lotus and protect those attacked by them. They are considered a separate entity from the Outsider Alliance and The Occult; however, it is possible for a person to be affiliated with more than one. They are allied with The Occult and occasionally make deals with the Outsider Alliance.

It was only recently that the Rogue Nation started to develop a central government, previously being a simple renegade militia. The prestigious militia leaders called Star Faction took a leadership role and now issue orders across their entire region.

Structure Edit

The Rogue Nation's central "brain" is Star Faction, the highest-ranking military officers and strategists that keep track of the war on all fronts and keep tabs on resources. They seldom do field work and usually send their commands from the safety of the Nation's capitals, resulting in a sense of distrust from some of the militia.

Many divisions and suborders have been presented and established, but it is generally accepted that there are two methods of separation - Faction and Unit. Factions are largely social groups, often dividing soldiers by skill and interests, while units are more practical, determining the role a soldier takes in combat. The top factions in their military are Cloud Faction, Wind Faction, and Field Faction; while the accepted units are the Vanguard, Rangers, Scouts, and Resource.

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