The Outsider Alliance is an unofficial pact between bandit troops, bounty hunters, and other wanderers (typically criminals) within the eastern mountain ranges of North America allowing them to be counted as a single entity in political matters. This pact was created shortly after the War of Gods, so it is quite primitive; there is no particular process to define oneself as a member, and many of the bandit troops who identify with the Outsider Alliance are rivals and bitter enemies, causing the alliance to be in a constant state of turmoil. The dynamics of the group are perpetually changing, preventing them from being treated as an organized political entity.

In Lotus-controlled and Rogue Nation regions, it is typically considered taboo to affiliate with the Outsider Alliance. Most members of the alliance are either asked to or choose to cover the marks of their affiliation (brands/tattoos of bandit clans, clothing with the Alliance symbol, etc.) when in a populated area, and Lotus has been known to imprison them randomly. The Rogue Nation typically does not appreciate having them in their cities and will usually ask allied or peaceful bandit troops to move along and out.

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