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This wiki is primarily for allowing me to sort and keep track of the information for my longtime story concept D is for Discord. The medium for this story is undecided and could end up as nearly anything at this point.

In addition to D is for Discord, much of the concepts described hold true throughout almost all of my projects, as, unless otherwise specified, they all take place in the same universe.

(Notice: this wiki is under A LOT of construction. There are a lot of pages left to make and fill, so it's going to take a while to get anywhere.)


D is for Discord is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story revolving around a population of demons and humans living in the Blue Ridge mountain range (Virginia, USA). In the story universe, it is apparent that all world powers had collapsed approximately a hundred and ten years before the story takes place; it is mentioned that global nuclear war was the cause of the apocalypse, also resulting in the deaths of over half of the human population.

After the end of the war, races and beasts of legend emerged from hiding, including the demons, a reclusive race with a deep-rooted grudge against humanity. Thousands of years of being spurned and enslaved by humans had left them bitter and angry, and humans had an inborn fear and hatred of them. Eventually, an organization called Lotus rose to power as a sort of central government, gaining control of large areas along North America's east coast. However, they had ulterior motives; many of the founding members and lawmakers were human purists and sought to snuff out the demon population by driving them out of cities and imprisoning humans who affiliated with them. Years of oppression led to a massive social gap between demons and their government; before long, a rebellion calling themselves the Rogue Nation formed, consisting of largely demons and humans who supported integration.

The story has a very large cast of diverse protagonists and antagonists, but the focus settles on Bonnie Murdock, a young demon who only fairly recently joined human society when she joined the Rogue Nation. Along with several of her friends, she is part of a demonic religious sect who call themselves The Occult and follow a philosophy of peacekeeping and spiritual reverence.

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